Not my farewell, but my blog partner’s farewell. Someone you didn’t know existed.  My job in this space has been content.  To provide commentary and insights into the world of land use and the environment that you don’t get from any other source.  But like all endeavors, there’s a team.

             If you go to the top menu and click on “The Author” you will find a video of me taking off in a helicopter.  Yes, that’s really me taking off in a real helicopter to look at real land with a real client, but the aerial view after that is stock footage somehow magically spliced in by Jessica Robertson who, until two weeks ago, was the marketing guru in my firm’s Greenville, S.C. office.

             The other parts of that video, including the scene where somebody who looks like me from behind speaks to a group of elected officials, were all Jess. (She called the guy my “stand in”, although I much preferred the term “stunt man.”)  And of course, the overlays of those images on the guy who actually is me was her work.

             The logo you see above is her creation.  The muted law firm “shingle” you see was her design.  Even the name of my blog was her idea. But she has left our firm and I thought it was appropriate to use this space to say farewell.  As of two weeks ago, Jess became Senior Account Manager of a company called Vantage Point Marketing.

             I have no clue as to what her new company does, and I’m sure they must have a website.  But if you or your company or your city or county needs marketing advice, consider this a shameless and unapologetic plug. Jess is, I think, the only person I’ve ever worked with who I actually would consider a genius.  And the right side of her brain does more than design.  She composes classical music, too.   And she’s fun to work with.

             Thanks Jess.  Well done, Vantage Point Marketing.

             Stay tuned for more blog posts. I have entries soon to go up on ethics of elected officials and a recent case that pits a landowner against the powers of railroads and NCDOT.

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